August 24th, 2010


Information overload, space microbes, and Miss Universe

* "The constant stream of information we get through mobile and hand-held devices is changing the way we think."
* Sigh. Blackwater reaches settlement over 'export violations.' No justice.
* Hearts and minds: how the rest of the world views our Cordoba House debate.
* 'Post-mortgage meltdown: where do we go now?'
* Iran unveils unmanned drone. As a, uh, weapon of peace. Not everyone takes it seriously.
* Our allies Saudi Arabia discuss cutting someone's spinal cord in retaliation for a crime.
* Whoah. Beer microbes survive over a year exposed to outer space.
* Coming up with a scale to quantify evil.
* Oh, wow. Reviewing the Miss Universe national costumes. (Courtesy maroonmd.) [UPDATE: bonus content in comments!]