August 21st, 2010


Wikileaks, pre-crime, and 20% of Americans

* We're also leaving behind an army of private contractors in Iraq.
* Kevin Drum with an excellent Obama progress report.
* Business leaders explain why they're not hiring.
* Joel Achenbach on how the Gulf oil leak was finally stopped.
* Turns out Wikileaks petitioned the Pentagon for help in redacting its Afghanistan leaks, and the Pentagon refused. And then lied about being asked.
* 'Is Sharron Angle a Christian Reconstructionist?'
* A list of some other things 20% of Americans believe. Bonus: Amy Sullivan tried to parse out where the belief comes from. And heck, here's a little more Achenbach.
* Using tai chi to fight fibromyalgia?
* The LAPD focuses on pre-crime. Bonus: Pop-tarts.