August 16th, 2010



The Right-Wing Hardliner Immigration Approach Would Create a Police State -- Is That What Those Supposed Freedom Lovers Want?
Immigration in America would take a disastrous course if the 'enforcement only' crowd kept getting its way. And Americans would have to suffer for it.

"Last year, the federal government filed more charges for immigration violations than all other crimes and misdemeanors combined -- it charged more people for breaking our immigration laws than it charged drug traffickers, bank robbers, counterfeiters and everything else under the sun. Yet right-wing lawmakers and pundits who oppose a comprehensive re-think of our immigration system continue to insist the opposite is true: that the government is just sitting on its hands."

(I could really quote, you know, the whole thing, but just go read it.)


geekery ahoy

Plotting to actually paint my ronin gunslinger ladies for Malifaux, the 'steamvictoriohorrorwestpunk' minis game. Going with a color theme to keep them separate. The first two are going to be Rose Red and Lilly White.

Poll #1606519 Name that gunslinger!

The third gunslinger should be

Black Dahlia.
Miss Violet.
Blue Belle.
something else I suggested in a comment.