August 2nd, 2010


from here until next Tuesday, content will be light.

Back from VA. Fun trip! Got most of my painting done, more or less. COuld easily spend ten hours more, but I am, as they say in the biz, 'table-ready.'

Downside was the epic commute home. Many blessings on M. for being the driver.

Tomorrow, Z. day, one ton of laundry, initial Gencon packing.
Tuesday, last minute Gencon packing. Tuesday night, leaving for Gencon. Easily findable at the Darkson booth, working there daily. Gone through Sunday night. Possibly text-able? No rest for the wicked.


meanwhile, in the Sudan

"Since being displaced from Uganda four years ago, a vicious group of militants — known as the Lord's Resistance Army — has pillaged, murdered and raped its way through the remote forests of Central Africa and southern Sudan.

"A new bill in Congress calls on the United States to come up with a comprehensive strategy for dealing with the cult-like group's leader, Joseph Kony, and helping bring an end to the horrific violence. But civilians continue to suffer. Tired of waiting for help, many villagers in South Sudan are trying to fight back.

"To protect themselves, residents of Western Equatoria state have formed self-defense forces in dozens of villages. The ad hoc commandos call themselves 'Arrow Boys' after their most popular weapon — arrows dipped in poison."