July 16th, 2010


some comic book reading

Good read: how modern superhero comics have abandoned the hero's personal life and supporting cast.

Chris Sims with a brief history of the Knight and Squire.

Eighteen great Batman panels.

A backhanded defense of... Rob Liefield (with bonus comments section comedy.) (But don't go hatin' on Bill Sienkiewicz here, because I will gut you.)

The unexpected comedy of the Todd McFarlane/Neil Gaiman court case.

As seen elsewhere: Anthony Bourdain eulogizes the late Harvey Pekar.


Lance Armstrong, the EU, and veg-friendly cities

* On the future of the euro, the EU, and European unity.
* "In other words, implementation of the massive healthcare bill just enacted by the Congress will be overseen by a former high-level executive of the nation's largest private health insurer."
* Grr. Always remember, religious freedom is very important in America, unless you happen to be Muslim.
* David Frum on Rove's biggest mistake.
* The FDA eyes menthol cigarettes.
* Still relevant: Nineteen Eighty-Four.
* Washington D.C. named most veg-friendly city in America.
* Remnants of a sailing ship from the 18th century unearthed at the World Trade Center site.
* 3-D movies already taking in less money.
* Considering Lance Armstrong vs. Occam's razor.