June 25th, 2010


if only those unemployed people had big business's lobbyists

"An effort to revive extended unemployment benefits that expired last month was blocked on the Senate floor Thursday by a Republican-led filibuster. Nearly 1 million people who had been receiving extended unemployment benefits have lost them due to the congressional inaction; Senate Republicans, joined by one Democrat, Nebraska's Ben Nelson, voted to block a measure that would have extended those benefits until December."


The Korean War, the Reagan Revolution, and Islam

* Wow. Charts showing the real, drastic changes in the U.S. came from the Reagan Revolution, but not the good kind of change.
* Great read; Marc Lynch on debating non-violent Islam.
* Access! Rolling Stone carves out its place in journalism.
* Ooh, yes please. New legislation to require greater disclosure of corporate money in campaign advertising.'
* Heh. BP, less popular than O.J. Simpson.
* Documents show government unprepared for Korean war.
* Whooping cough reaches epidemic levels in California. Vaccines work, people.
* More evidence of a Mars with plentiful water.