June 10th, 2010



M.'s birthday week rages on. Last night was dinner and a movie, which sounds lame, but something we too rarely set time aside for these days. So we did! Sushi, delicious. Movie, good summer fun, details later on.

Tonight, some housecleaning. Tomorrow, M.'s birthday party. Saturday... gaming?
Sunday, no real plans. Monday, cat's birthday (celebrated.)


Montgomery County education, Kevin Costner, and soccer

* "Today probably marks the official death of climate legislation."
* Ugh. Montgomery County slashes its education budget. Which is funny, considering how highly regarded they are.
* Why political scientists should cover the news.
* Chris Cillizza with the winners and losers from Tuesday's primaries. Also, Glenn Greenwald on the Democrats and Blanche Lincoln.
* In case you were worried that California politics weren't goofy enough, let's welcome Propositon 14.
* And then Kevin Costner went to Congress to solve the oil spill. Really.
* Cisco unveils their new 'city in a box' connectivity package.
* The Explainer, on why we call it soccer.