May 29th, 2010

Rock Star

le dump

Gaming on Thursday: won a brutal game of Pulp City. The supervillains had a tournament to see who was the baddest of the bad, and Nuke* won the day for me.

Clubbing last night: big fun! Not a huge turnout of people we knew, but good times were enjoyed with cool people nonetheless.

But man, like zero sleep. After two nights of not enough sleep before that. I'm not doing anything tonight, heh.

Tomorrow, Z., and cookout, I believe. Monday, much laundry, also picking up a package at the post office, which I think is the last order of figs I wanted to get before Gencon, so, let Mortal Kombat begin!

* - Not my paintjob. Mine's only half-painted.


The Gulf oil spill, pre-crime, and the portolan charts

* YouTube: observing the Gulf oil spill from underwater. "This is a nightmare."
* Will there be criminal charges over the Gulf oil spill?
* So, uh, why is the number of attempted terrorist attacks up?
* The American military is frequently providing medical care for Afghani civilians.
* The Navy is planning ahead for climate change.
* Pre-crime Dept.: "Could the blink of an eye or the curl of a lip give away a terrorist?"
* "Keeping track of 10 billion things": meet the Archivist of the United States.
* Neat! Working to unravel the mysteries of the portolan charts.