May 2nd, 2010


good times

Last night's cookout/party was a grand affair, so glad to see everyone. It was a good crowd, and stayed pretty rockin' the entire time.

Side note, my webmail appears to not be working, so if it's urgent, give me a ring on the cell. Nevermind, e-mail's working fine now.



"I was very opposed to Obama during the election, yep, that's right. And I've learned since then that most of the crap being circulated about Obama was just that - crap. He has not turned out to be a radical leftist at all, despite the continued screaming from the right. On the contrary, he's shown himself to be a centrist on most issues, and the best evidence is that extremists on both the left and the right are angry at him. If I had it to do over, I'd vote for Obama without hesitation. I'm very thankful that McCain and Palin aren't in office."


"Who is the Magic Man?"

OK, happy town. You've got my attention. We've seen other shows with the 'weirdness in small town America' before, but it's a good vibe, so room to work with. And a surprisingly decent cast. So! Make it happen.

And carp, moments ago I found out that Wolverine and the X-men was canceled. Well, fooey.