April 27th, 2010



"I guess they're all for freedom of speech except for mine! What was really infuriating is that they're weren't reading the story, they were just reading some blogger. Has our media really come to the point where anyone can just blog about something and it becomes a news article that warrants death threats? We're seeing this with Trey Parker and Matt Stone of [South Park] receiving death threats from Muslims. How is this any different from Tea Partiers telling me I should die in a fire because I wrote an issue of Captain America? It's a little disconcerting to me. It makes me feel like our society has gotten to the point where it's a little too easy to get access to people."
-Ed Brubaker


Courtesy warmaster

"New York Magazine is reporting that Sarah Palin has earned $12 million in the last year by doing almost nothing. That bit of news has forced reality to finally set in among the commentariat - she's not running for President. I've said this here and elsewhere for months now, there’s no way Sarah Palin is running. Life is just too good collecting Wingnut Welfare.

"Just look around and see what Sarah sees - prominent 'conservative' personalities who make tens of millions of dollars a year selling their brand of over-wrought victimhood branded as politics.

"Take Glenn Beck for example. The Fox host makes $32 million a year through his radio and television programs and by hawking books and other assorted merchandise to his legions of fans. Beck is known for his paranoid right-wing views but freely admits to Forbes magazine that, 'I could give a flying crap about the political process.' Making money, on the other hand, is to be taken very seriously, and controversy is its own coinage. 'We're an entertainment company,' Beck says. Points for honesty I suppose."

Rest of the article here. Man, I'm in the wrong racket.