April 26th, 2010


six days away

As noted previously:

This Saturday, May 1st
Our place (drop me a note if you need directions)
Doors open at 3 pm (though I won't personally be there until 6ish, when I am off work.)
BYOM (bring your own meat), other donations gladly accepted.
RVSPs appreciated, but by no means mandatory.

We know there's another party that day, and don't feel bad if you skip our soiree in favor of that one.


on the reading list, now

"I've been in focus groups, very interesting, where you'll have six or seven or eight diehard beer drinkers. They'll say, 'I only drink,' and they'll - whatever it is - 'Budweiser, everything else is terrible, it's crap, I only drink Budweiser.' Then, you bring in a tray with beer and all the labels pulled off, and they can't find their brand."

NPR discusses The Age of Persuasion: How Marketing Ate Our Culture.