April 23rd, 2010

Darkseid is.


"On a related note, my phone's been ringing with requests from cable news shows - left and right - to discuss Tea Party extremism. The same phone was silent last week when my cover story about the difficulties facing our troops in Afghanistan was published. I won't be appearing on any cable shows to discuss the Tea Party extremists this week. I said what I said, and stand by it. But I do find the 'news' judgment of the cable networks nauseating... and I can understand why, despite the yellow ribbons and 'We Support Our Troops' blather, our young people in uniform feel abandoned by a bored, ignorant and self-involved public back home."


Torture tapes, anthrax follow-up, and volcano science

* Dan Froomkin wants some action from Washington over the military killing civilians in Bagdhad, as Wikileaks chronicled.
* I really don't think it's any surprise as to why the CIA destroyed the torture tapes.
* More doubt on the theory that Ivins was behind the anthrax attacks.
* 'Insurance company WellPoint had a policy of targeting its customers with fraud investigations if they were diagnosed with breast cancer.'
* "What happened to McCain the maverick?"
* Joel Achenbach on volcano science.
* A tropical fungal disease spreads across the Pacific Northwest.
* The new mainstream: a gay character in Archie comics.