April 22nd, 2010


Tea Party poll analysis and linkdump

The big poll: "The 18 percent of Americans who identify themselves as Tea Party supporters tend to be Republican, white, male, married and older than 45."

"What kind of adjective suits older, grumpy, well-off Americans who believe Democrats are communists, the poor have it too easy and white people are oppressed? The term 'Republican' comes to mind."

FiveThirtyEight.com: "This is, in fact, the single biggest differentiator of any of the items that the NYT asked about: not ideology, not any particular political belief, but whom they watch on television."

Kevin Drum: "In fact, one of the most intriguing findings of the Times poll of tea partiers confirms Rick's suggestion that they're convinced that the vast majority of Americans agree with them. Take a look: a stunning 84% of tea partiers believe their views 'reflect the views of most Americans.' Virtually everyone else disagrees."

"In fact, both major parties stand to lose if they accept the laughable notion that this media-created protest movement is the voice of true populism. Democrats will spend their time chasing votes they will never win. Republicans will turn their party into an angry and narrow redoubt with no hope of building a durable majority."

"Not to diminish the memo obtained by Ken Vogel for his story on the Tea Party Express, but it really just proves something we already knew - that the bus tour is, and was, a successful gambit by Republican strategists to capitalize (literally) on the grass-roots movement.

Dana Milbank on the Republican Tea Party's faux-populist, pro-wealthy message.

The best fake Teabagger signs at the Boston Common Tea Party.