April 14th, 2010


The Post Office, wacky orbits, and the Mothership

* "Big oil giant Exxon Mobil, which last year reported a record $45.2 billion profit, paid the most taxes of any corporation, but none of it went to the IRS."
* Ouch. GAO reports call the the postal service a non-viable business model and call for more cuts.
* How Obama stays in touch: reading ten letters every day.
* Why the U.S. recovery will be bigger, faster, and stronger than economists and politicians expect." (USA! USA! USA!)
* A return to rising crime rates in NYC.
* BAGnewsNotes on two pics from the Stevens era on the Supreme Court.
* Maybe Governor McDonnell should just stop talking.
* Distant planets with funky orbits question classic theories.
* The BBC takes on the Downfall Hitler rant meme.
* Mystery! Whatever happened to the Mothership?


Two from ICv2

As I'm sure most people have heard, Joss Whedon is likely to be the director for The Avengers movie. I'm optimistic, in general; he's a smart cookie with a keen eye for plot and dialogue. I just know that it's also a huge undertaking, and he's really only directed one movie before, and that could only be graciously called a cult hit. So, we'll see.

Also, the Disney XD channel is creating an Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, which I would normally be all over. But it doesn't give me much hope that we will get more Spectacular Spider-Man, which as I noted, is one of the best cartoons in years.