March 25th, 2010


Health care, Israeli apartheid, and Christopher Lee

* Top read: America's new prescription.
* Death threats over the health care bill? Gah. Some Tea Partyists begin to take notice.
* Good read: on Israel and apartheid.
* Republicans unveil new strategy to stop health care reform. Bonus: the ten most-ridiculous suggested amendments.
* How Republicans grew to oppose climate change.
* A return for Polaroid?
* Ahem. Sir Christopher Lee reading "Jabberwocky".
* Twin Peaks, twenty years later. (Courtesy examorata.)
* Whoah. Crazy-cool casting news from the Green Lantern movie set. (I would have gone with CCH Pounder, but hey.)


Health care, the 10th amendment, and the Tea Partyists

From the always-interesting

"A few months ago I wrote a post about the types of 'constitutional chicanery' that certain political advocates utilize to confuse debate over key issues. And here we go again...

"This time we have state attorneys general declaring that they are going to use the courts to challenge healthcare reform as unconstitutional because it constitutes a mandatory direct tax. A short while ago on Fox News I saw a segment that included one 'expert' who claimed that healthcare reform would do something 'unprecedented,' namely, requiring citizens to purchase some commodity.

Unprecedented? Really?"