March 18th, 2010


In Theaters: Alice in Wonderland

Still catching up with the backlog here. Opening weekend, we watched Alice in Wonderland. Highly enjoyable! The story was spot on for me; I love reinterpretations and alternate versions of classic stories, and this ostensible sequel to the original tale worked well in that regard. A slightly more complex plot paired with some slightly more adult themes. The visuals were very Tim Burton, which is a good thing. Dark, weird, and atmospheric. Z. liked the Chesire Cat the best. I was pleasantly surprised by Anne Hathaway, who stole every scene she was in, which is saying a lot in a movie like this. Not the movie of the year, but definitely worth catching in theaters.

New trailers:
* Legend of the Guardians - Zack Snyder brings you animated owl action. Or, something.
* How to Train Your Dragon - New trailer looks pretty dang good. Looking forward to this.
* Shrek Forever After - Ugh, no.
* Toy Story 3 - Oh, yes.
* Tron Legacy - Oh. Yes. Had seen the new trailer, but not on the big screen. Unexpectedly wow. Also, the 3-D will be mandatory.
* IMAX: Hubble 3D - So, yeah, a documentary about NASA fixing the Hubble. But at the end of the trailer, the announcer voice dude says "narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio" and seriously half the audience cracks up. Oh, snap.


Tea Partyists, states rights, and an exorcist

* The states' rights movement grows. These states would do just fine without all the federal bucks they pull in, I'm sure.
* Republicans have a problem with climate change.
* One group that's not happy with the growing Tea Party influence? Evangelicals. Also, the social conservatives move in. And in the same vein, Glenn Beck is in hot water.
* Vatican in scandal? Call in the exorcist to blame it on the devil. No, seriously.
* The challenge of portraying austism and related conditions in popular culture.
* Ten crazy heists.
* Rob Heinsoo on a restaurant's unexpected popularity.
* Ooh. Author Max Brooks to write for G.I. Joe. (Courtesy shadorunr.)
* Cartoons: another xkcd win with Google results. Also, how to set someone straight.