March 11th, 2010


Closing schools, female soldiers, and Oz

* Ugh. Disturbing tales of an increasing number of sexual assaults on female soldiers.
* Signs of the times: Kansas City to close almost half of their public schools.
* 'The Shooting War: an exclusive collection of work by the world's most acclaimed conflict photographers.'
* "Today, Democrats and Republicans live in different universes, both intellectually and morally."
* "The bogus Republican claim that Obamacare is a government takeover of one-sixth of the economy."
* Rethinking the future business model for the Post Office.
* Interesting. Hollywood refusing to sign the same huge dollar contracts with big-name actors like they used to.
* Hot on the heels of Alice, Disney eyes a return to the land of Oz. (I'm all for different takes on the original material, personally.)
* Let's Be Friends Again on what's wrong with the comic book industry.


round two

Dear ABC: I know its not your fault Verizon screwed up Tuesday, and I didn't TiVo Lost that day. But it would really, really be helpful if you'd update your OnDemand with the new episode, so I can finally see it. Pretty please?