January 30th, 2010



May be looking for something to do tonight to get me out of the house. Anything exciting going on? Bonus points for vaguely Metro-accessible. Drop me a note.

Or M.'s bachelorette party tonight will be postponed due to snow.


Torture, health care, and the bdelloid rotifer

* Obama takes on the Republicans over health care directly. We need more of this. (Video here.)
* "An upcoming Justice Department report from its ethics-watchdog unit, the Office of Professional Responsibility, clears the Bush administration lawyers who authored the 'torture' memos of professional-misconduct allegations."
* The plan for rebuilding Haiti.
* Good read: why voters often go against their own self interest.
* Make them filibuster!
* Does Israel have an immigration problem?
* What does the future hold for coal power?
* "If sex is so great, how has the bdelloid rotifer been able to do without it for 30 million years?"
* CBS, which is airing an anti-abortion ad during the Super Bowl, declines to air one for a gay dating site. James Poniewoziak explains why both should run. (Great read.)


(no subject)

Back home, safe and sound. Walk home wasn't even that tough. Snow only past ankles coming down the hill on Strathmore.

(I post only because people expressed concern previously. After the last snowstorm, I suspect others won't compare for a long while.)