January 26th, 2010



"Since much of that overall spending is mandatory, military spending - all of which is discretionary - accounts for over 50% of discretionary government spending. Yet it's absolutely forbidden to even contemplate reducing it as a means of reducing our debt or deficit. To the contrary, Obama ran on a platform of increasing military spending, and that is one of the few pledges he is faithfully and enthusiastically filling (while violating his pledge not to use deceitful budgetary tricks to fund our wars)...

"In sum, as we cite our debtor status to freeze funding for things such as 'air traffic control, farm subsidies, education, nutrition and national parks' - all programs included in Obama's spending freeze - our military and other 'security-related' spending habits become more bloated every year, completely shielded from any constraints or reality. This, despite the fact that it is virtually impossible for the U.S. to make meaningful progress in debt reduction without serious reductions in our military programs."