December 31st, 2009


"Your standard-issue Big Gun."

Re-watched the original Ghost in the Shell last night after not seeing it in... a long while. Yes, the dialog was a little overwrought in placed, and the flat delivery by the dubbing actors in my flippin' VHS copy didn't help. But actually, the movie was better than I remembered. And it's neat seeing it at a precursor to the TV series.

The question is, should I give Innocence another go? I suspect it will remain as crazy as I recall. Maybe worse.

Added bonus: the ad at the beginning of the videotape, which was basically a montage of other early 90's anime, set to a KMFDM song. The 90's were a dark age, folks.


Criminalizing protest, gravity, and Canadian politics

"That's because Obama reacted as though this is exactly what it actually is: a lame, failed attempt to kill people by a fractured band of criminals. It's not the Cuban Missile Crisis or the attack on Pearl Harbor, as disappointing and unfulfilling as it is to accept that. It merits analysis, investigation and possibly policy changes by the responsible government agencies - not a bright-red-alert, bell-ringing, siren-sounding government-wide emergency that venerates Al Qaeda into a threat so profound that the President can't even be away from Washington lest they get us all."

* "The criminalization of protest: police and politicians ignore the First Amendment when we need it the most." Top read.
* Sea lions disappear from San Francisco pier.
* MGK with the latest on Canadian political shenanigans.
* Hot damn. 'Europe's Goce satellite is returning remarkable new data on the way the pull of gravity varies across the Earth."
* Bonus: xkcd visualizes gravity wells.
* Russia considers plan to divert asteroid that wasn't hitting the Earth anyways.
* The Explainer, on celebrating New year's on the ISS.
* presents ten media properties that need comic book spinoffs. (A couple of which my friends and I have theorized in conversation.)