December 7th, 2009


'New Age meets heavy metal meets Virgin of Guadalupe'

"The devotion to Santa Muerte rattles many, even in Mexico. She is widely and purposefully misunderstood. The media focus on the lurid cult as a sign of the country's descent into new-millennial madness, a perfect partner for a danza macabra, played out against the backdrop of a modern plague - the drug war - and its obsessions with body counts and ritualized decapitation. The Catholic Church has rejected the cult, calling it demonic, and the Mexican military has swept across the border region, destroying roadside shrines built in the saint's honor. The authorities have condemned Santa Muerte as a 'narco-saint,' worshiped by drug traffickers, cartel assassins and dope slingers. But the worship is more a reflection of contemporary Mexico..."

What the hell?!

this week... in madness

Wednesday, work party after work*.
Thursday, work, then Metro'ing to a work party for M.'s other job.
Friday, work, then right after work, heading down to Alexandria for the annual Potomac cruise for M.'s dad's company. Yep, I'm the boss's daughter's date, check me out.**

I intend to sleep and shower at various intervals between these things. Hopefully.

* - M. isn't going to be there, so if you happen to be in Georgetown and interested in, uh, hanging out with a bunch of people from my work, let me know. Heh.

** - My goal this year is to not freak out for the first half of the cruise because we're, you know, on a boat. I will also try my best not to think about Cloverfield while I am on the water. but no promises.