December 4th, 2009



"Just think about that. Torture is one of the most universal taboos in the civilized world. The treaty championed by Ronald Reagan declares that 'no exceptional circumstances' can justify it, and requires that every state criminalize it and prosecute those who authorize or engage in it. But only 25% of Americans agree with Ronald Reagan and this Western consensus that torture is never justifiable. Worse, 54% of Americans believe torture is 'often' or 'sometimes' justified. When it comes to torture, the vast bulk of the country is now to the 'right' (for lack of a better term) of Ronald Reagan, who at least in words (if not in deeds) insisted upon an absolute prohibition on the practice and mandatory prosecution for those responsible."


Haiti, Harlequin romance, and the Iron Curtain

* One year after four hurricanes devastated Haiti, the island nation remains mired in poverty, violence, and instability.
* Big Brother 2009: turns out Sprint just hands over volumes of GPS data to law enforcement.
* Seven stories Obama doesn't want told.
* Possible same-sex partner benefits for Virginia?
* Congressional researcher fired for speaking out against Guantanamo.
* The Explainer takes on Climategate.
* Strange things are afoot at the Washington Times.
* Calling for a double-boycott over the Gap's non-war on Christmas.
* Judging books on their covers: a new exhibit on the Harlequin romance.
* Today's top BBC headline: Iron Curtain kept out alien birds"