December 1st, 2009


this, that

Picked up munchkin from school's nurses office yesterday, she's been illin' ever since. Coughing, wheezing, occasional fever. Nothing terrible, but we have an appointment with her doc in a couple hours to sort things out. Previous plans for yesterday and today, totally tossed out the window. Luckily rest of the week doesn't look too goofy. (Unlike next week, which is *crazy.*)


Leno, Blackwater, and 'traditional marriage'

* My. Obama's reasons for escalating in Afghanistan sound familiar. Good coverage here. Didn't he win on a platform of getting us out of there?
* 'Blackwater's secret war in Pakistan'
* Analysis: parsing the price for the consumer of the Senate health care bill.
* Nice. Protecting traditional marriage by outlawing divorce.
* Interesting read: Matt Taibbi on Sarah Palin. Bonus: ten things a Palin fan learned from her book.
* "Leno's recent stability doesn't change the fact that on any given evening, his shows is usually the lowest-rated program on a major broadcast network."
* New details from the director of Predators.


and the verdict is

When I said 'quick trip' to the doc I meant a lengthy stay, like a Russian novel. Nevertheless, doc wants to make sure it isn't the previous bout with pneumonia creeping around, so we're going on the offense with meds for the next week and a follow-up visit thereafter. Z. is already perking up after nebulizin', and getting back to her sassy and less wheezy self.