November 28th, 2009


31 to 8

"Yet another Gitmo detainee has been found innocent by a federal judge and ordered to be released. That brings the score to 31-8 in favor of detainees being innocent vs guilty. And not one of those cases has been based on any sort of technicality like Miranda rights, as the ridiculous right wing keeps screaming about in the KSM case. Rather, they've been based on virtually non-existent evidence - the same thing that Col. Stephen Abraham resigned over when he was working for the Pentagon at Gitmo reviewing the evidence in the files on each detainee."


Movies, population loss, and ethanol

* Good read: "Postindustrial cities, even relatively successful ones such as Pittsburgh, are trying to manage, rather than just reverse, population loss."
* The past, present and possible future of climate change.
* Why we should stop subsidizing ethanol.
* Who knew: the tea party movement turns out to be a good money-making opportunity.
* Wow. Guess who is complaining about the White House's deficit spending?
* Behind the bidding for MGM.
* Bob Mondello previews upcoming movies of 2009.
* Principle filming on the Tintin film is done.
* Release date for Crisis on Two Earth announced.