November 25th, 2009



"'I don't hate gay people, I just believe in traditional marriage.' This is the new brand of anti-gay messaging that is trending among high profile conservatives. It is smart, it works well with the movable middle, and it is unbelievably infuriating for advocates of equality. This 'it's nothing personal' mindset attempts to create a false halfway point, where it is deemed acceptable to tolerate the existence of gay and lesbian people, but it remains unacceptable to offer them equal rights."


Landmines, ants counting, and Republican purity

* The administration refuses to join the landmine ban.
* How do you pay for a war anyways?
* Good read: examining abortion's place in the health care debate.
* Wow. Steele crafting a new Republican party loyalty resolution, which LGF notes is, in fact, a purity test.
* Major cutbacks at the Washington Post.
* The other crisis at Fort Hood.
* The White House and Elmo announce new initiatives in increasing science education nationwide.
* Neat. Do ants count to find their way home?
* The City Paper presents the, uh, top five abstinence-only music videos.