November 24th, 2009

Adult Swim terrorist

I do this every other month or so

Putting Z. to bed last night, M. and I were joking about just going to sleep on the couch. I put my head down for a bit, which turned out to be... almost ten hours. Which is about twice what I sleep on a regular night. Which is crazy. Luckily, M. and I had planned to do our own thing that night, so I wasn't ruining any plans. Still. I didn't expect my plans to be... just sleeping.


al Qaeda, Hot Topic, and spiritual health care

* The Explainer, on a day in the life of a refugee.
* 'Why an al Qaeda attack on U.S. soil is still a real threat'
* Glen Greenwald on Obama's worsening civil liberties record.
* LATimes Q&A: explaining the Senate health care bill.
* I don't want my tax dollars covering spiritual health care because wow, no.
* Interesting read: Russia as a 'criminal state.'
* Rest easy: there is no 'Palin doctrine.'
* Scary. Belgian patient was misdiagnosed as being in a coma for 23 years. [EDIT: Or not. See comments below.]
* How Twilight saved Hot Topic.