November 13th, 2009


relevant to my interests

As noted previously, my crazy Weird War 2 game, AE-WWII, is a great read in and of itself because they do an obtuse amount of historical research and pack a surprising amount of details into the background fluff. I constantly find myself reading a piece, then I hit up Wikipedia to learn more about crazy history. Hours have been lost pouring over articles on the Beast of Gevaudan, Operation Werewolf, Jilf al Kabir, Cecil Williamson, and much more.

And then you read something that you know is going to drive nerds' imaginations worldwide: they think they've found Cambyses' lost army, 2,500 years later.



Planet Slum: 'Norwegian photojournalist Jonas Bendiksen spent six weeks living in the slums of Nairobi, then Caracas, Mumbai, and Jakarta. His remarkable panoramic images take us inside slum families' lives, revealing the profound human impulse to fashion not only shelter but a home.'