November 6th, 2009


In Theaters: Where the Wild Things Are

Yes, far behind on actual posts, but hey. October and November are too busy! Nonetheless, we made a special trip out last week with the munchkin to catch Where the Wild Things Are, and it was well worth it. Reviews are really divided on the movie, but I think the people that didn't like it were expecting a whimsical kids movie. What was delivered was actually a sort of unsettling movie about growing up and childhood. Sure, there's still stuff for the younglings, and Z. enjoyed it for that. But it's, well, deeper and more meaningful than I gave it credit going in. The acting is also pretty great, and the wild things, Jim Henson's Creature Shop products, are close to magnificent. Set aside some time to catch it on the big screen.

New trailers:
* Despicable Me - Ehn, maybe. Keeping expectations low.
* Planet 51 - Could be cute, but I'm wondering if they can stretch the plot to feature-length.
* The Blind Side - Probably just standard feel-good movie fare... which makes it weird that I kind of want to see it. Huh.

Posters spotted:
* Daybreakers - It's like they're marketing it just for me.
* Tooth Fairy - The poster has the Rock wearing wings and on ice skates. Verdict: sold.


A bacteria atlas, dowsing, and the Micronauts

* 'Lower fertility is changing the world for the better.'
* Seriously? The Iraqi military turns to... dowsing.
* I'm all for watchdogging conservatives, but I'd like to see one set up for liberal groups as well.
* The Republicans unveil their health care bill.
* Just, wow. Dana Milbank on Michele Bachmann's protest.
* More freaky pics from Mars.
* They've decoded the horse genome.
* "Scientists have developed an 'atlas' of the bacteria that live in different regions of the human body."
* Micronauts considered a 'toyetic' movie property. In other news, I hate the word 'toyetic.'
* Remembering anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss.