October 26th, 2009


Helen Thomas, coral, and Disney

* Famed journalist Helen Thomas, with five lessons for Obama.
* The reports of California's demise have been greatly exaggerated.
* The fiasco of our expensive embassy in Iraq.
* Yes, more people are identifying as independents, but don't read too much into that.
* Sigh. The extinction of coral has gotten so bad that science is looking for what to do when it's gone.
* Whoah. There's a hole in the moon.
* Courtesy shadorunr: 'is Jay-Z the greatest MC alive?'
* "Richards and Depp were born 20 years and an ocean apart, but their close friendship has become a topic of fascination."
* Examining Disney's teen star factory.



"Whatever else is true, Fox has taken on a political role that is very rare, at least in modern times, for a large American news organization. Its news coverage is not merely biased or opinionated; there'd be nothing unusual about that. Instead, it is a major participant - the leading participant - in organizing, promoting and fueling protests, including street protests, against the government. Fox has undertaken a role typically played by media outlets in, say, Venezuela or various unstable, under-developed countries - sponsoring rather than reporting on protests against the government - and it is difficult to recall any recent example that is similar. Fox has every right to do that, but the pretense that it is a news organization is ludicrous - transparently so - and there isn't anything remotely wrong with the Obama White House saying so."