October 22nd, 2009



"If you take a quick look the New York Times Best Sellers list for October 2nd you should see something interesting and it is easy to figure out - Batman occupies almost half of the comic book listings! Nine out of a possibly twenty in fact and a third of those comics are almost two decades old at this point... This, of course, tells us two very obvious things: 1) Batman is arguably the most popular superhero in print right now. Even on other NYT lists, he almost always charts multiple books and, in the Direct Market, has the highest selling book that isn't an event book. And 2) the Internet is wrong, again."


Drug cartels, social networking, and tea party infiltration

* Project Coronado: coordinated raids against Mexican cartels in America. Also, violence spikes in Ciudad Juarez.
* Hmmm. Republican party trying to terms with how to handle conservative activists.
* Good read: failing to infiltrate the Tea Party protests.
* Whoah. New record set for most distant galaxies observed.
* Are our brains wired for hypocrisy?
* Maybe the problem at Morehouse isn't a few students cross-dressing.
* Interesting: the coming divide in social networking.
* Top ten conspiracy theories of all time.