October 21st, 2009

What the hell?!

feline intuition

This week is, officially, off the hook. No matter how I try to plan, things aren't working out smoothly. On the other hand, got some painting done last night, and even woke up on time enough today to feed the cat in the morning. (She was up and waiting to be fed. I guess she knew that, since M. is out of town, either I would feed her in the morning or she'd be waiting until tonight. Cats are intuitive like that.) (Cat also meowed loudly at me to come to bed last night, which kind of cracks me up.)

So, anything going on this Friday or Saturday evening? Let me know.


Bono, spiders, and more cult TV

* Britain warns of a coming climate catastrophe.
* Good read: Joe Klein on the Afghanistan strategy review.
* Huh. Bono on the rebranding of America.
* Latinos now make up one-third of Catholics in the States.
* 'Can Rio solve its crime problem before the Olympics?'
* Scientists discover the largest web-spinning spider.
* Prominent scientist arrested for espionage.
* Follow-up: EW.com names seventeen more cult TV classics. (Original list here.)