October 17th, 2009


Torture, offshore drilling, and sexy science

"The auto industry is on its knees and we've got school buildings in sorry shape and we can't even rebuild a public hospital in New Orleans. But the Dallas Cowboys have a brand new billion-dollar-plus domed stadium that looks like something out of Star Wars."
-Bob Herbert

* New development in the torture case of Binyam Mohamed.
* Scientists call for a limit to offshore drilling plans.
* Four scenarios surround the Afghan elections.
* "The amount of energy that had been exerted by the Twitterati to save the now infamous 'balloon boy' would probably be enough to prevent at least a few dozen African genocides."
* Will Snowe face any fallout from crossing party lines?
* Whoah. "The repaired Large Hadron Collider experiment has reached its operating temperature, colder even than deep space."
* Science comes up with new reasons to have sex.
* WeeklyCrisis.com on the demise of comic book anthologies.