October 16th, 2009

Darkseid is.

man o man

Sad afternoon at work yesterday. Thorny issue that ended up being complicated by me messing up and creating another side-issue to go along with it. Feh. Stuck around late to clean it up.

...But still got to DW to play a little Malifaux. Yay! Lady Justice and the crew took on Dr. McMourning and his undead army, and prevailed, but just barely. Still tweaking the crew; it's not a complicated force (it is, in fact, rather uncomplicated) but we're sorting out the subtleties.

Got home, ended up not getting any housework done, ended up oversleeping and getting back to work late. Fan-tas-tic.

Less exciting weekend ahead, which is for the best. And it's totally time to break out the hat and pick up some new gloves, because it's teh cold out there.

And before I forget, happy birthday to Oscar Wilde, the original gangsta.


Afghanistan, creationism, and Mars

"It's starting to look more and more like Texas governor Rick Perry orchestrated an effort to thwart a state probe into an arson investigation that may have led to the execution of an innocent man."

* Good read: what is at stake in the debate over Afghanistan.
* "The majority of the people of Kansas are still in favor of teaching creationism in public school science classes."
* Guess who is behind that new report opposing health care reform?
* Is the White House moving too slowly on judicial posts?
* Whoah. Looking at the landscape of Mars.
* Is a virus the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome?
* Robin D. Laws on the use of social networks.
* "3-D is obviously making us look at a lot of our movie production decisions in a different way." Examining the mysterious success of The Final Destination.