October 7th, 2009


catching up

Saturday, relaxed with M., caught up on some TV. Man, there's so many shows on these days.

Sunday, lemonruss came by with my (very early) birthday present: the expansion to Pandemic! The three of us were joined by our housemate, and we boardgamed and grilled. Big fun. The expansion is great, definitely ratchets up the challenges in the game, and adds a lot of options.

Monday, housework, lawnmowing, and TF2 while M. worked. Also worked on basing and assembling some minis. Maybe a little Doctor Who.

Yesterday, picked up U-Haul, picked up Z., trekked out to NoVA. Picked up giant, giant TV set. Had a delicious dinner with friends, chatted about wedding plans and other things. Thanked them again profusely, trekked back east. TV dropped off after some unfun physical labor. U-Haul returned. Whew.

Tonight, hanging with Z. Tomorrow, no clue. Maybe sleeping. Friday, finally hooking up TV. Saturday, party? I think? Sunday, Z. Busy like a bug.


Stonehenge, komodo dragons, and more Nobel prizes

"Just a timely reminder of the deceitful methods that permeate our political discourse, especially when it comes to demonizing America's Enemy du jour."

* Key cases before the Supreme Court this term.
* Plans to cut detention of illegal immigrants.
* How do news organizations get in touch with terrorist groups?
* "Three scientists won the Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday for two breakthroughs that led to two major underpinnings of the digital age - fiber optics and digital photography."
* The Nobel Prize in chemistry awarded for study on ribosomes.
* Whoah: new huge ring found around Saturn.
* New clues on the origins of the komodo dragon.
* "Archaeologists say the remains of another large henge near the River Avon offer clues to the building of Stonehenge and the significance of the river."
* Oh, I don't know: Adrien Brody signs on for Predators.


it's not a love affair or anything

See, I enjoy Glen Greenwald because he is such a harsh critic of the Obama administration, and damn if he isn't calling them out on a lot of things they need to be called out on. (But the right wouldn't touch him with a ten-foot pole.) Most people aren't asking, where's the actual debate on Afghanistan? And why is everyone buying in to the same story about Iran? This is why I end up linking to his column every other day or so, it seems.