October 3rd, 2009


this, that

Thursday evening was gaming at Dream Wizards. Played more Malifaux, and in fact won again, Lady Justice and her crew defeating Marcus's fishmen et al. I'm definitely more confident with the ins and outs of the system, even if I do keep confusing the additive bonuses with the cards.

Last night hung out with girlie47. Delicious dinner at Adele's (with only a slight rain interruption,) followed by tasty wine and a few cartoons, and general rest and relaxation. Good times, indeed.

Tonight and tomorrow, hanging with M. around the house, something we haven't had the opportunity for in a bit. Her work's been too crazy. Z. will be at her mom's wedding tomorrow, so quiet day Sunday too. Likely some catching up on the TV shows. Maybe sneaking out for a certain movie. We shall see.

Berkeley Breather, Brazil, and zombies

* 'Questions linger over the Zazi terror probe.'
* Marine general who helped set up Guantanamo prison 'dismayed by what it has become.'
* "Brazil, which just won the 2016 Olympics, wants to be a global power. So why won't it act like one?" (Bonus: how big countries should act.)
* Interesting. McCain changes gears and now seeks to reform the Republican party.
* Your elected officials in action, people.
* And then Kirk Cameron, who hates evolution, played the Hitler card.
* Berkeley Breathed has a posse.
* EW.com picks their twenty-five favorite zombie movies.