October 1st, 2009


offensive and slanted

Courtesy professorbooty: "...All of them left clear and easily detectable records, whether written or spoken, of their right-wing mania, their hatred of immigrants and ethnic groups and liberals, their violent dislike of Obama and his policies, their devotion to figures like Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter. None of them kept their politics a secret, and nobody had to do very much detective work to find out where they stood in the Great Culture War."


80's movies, natural disasters, and the Post

* Great read: Thomas Friedman on the lack of unity thanks to today's partisan politics.
* "This is huge. This is the biggest discovery really since the 'Lucy' skeleton of the 1970s."
* Good news for the upcoming Iraqi elections?
* Asking Afghanis on advice for our strategy there.
* Bad sign: Wayne county doesn't have the money to bury the dead.
* "For every brutal, lawless and amoral act, there is a defense of it to be found on the Washington Post Op-Ed page."
* How earthquakes can weaken other fault lines.
* The Explainer on predicting tsunamis.
* MGK with a list of 80's movies that have aged poorly.