September 23rd, 2009


Netflixin': three worthy movies

OK, a few movies behind on this feature, so catching up.

Coraline is the best example of a kids horror movie I can think of. No, it's not gory. But it is suspenseful and visually striking, without ever going over the top. And deep enough to hold adult interest in the story and the characters. Highly recommended.

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Green Lantern: First Flight is sort of an intro story for Hal Jordan. Oddly, it's almost more of a Sinestro movie, but either way it's a good comic book action flick. DC is really rocking these. (Oh, and Z. was unsurprisingly a big fan of Ch'p, so now I need to figure out how to make a toy of one for her.) I hope they make more Green Lantern features in the future.

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Let the Right One In is very Swedish, but isn't really a horror movie. It's suspenseful and dramatic and lovely and eerie. Side note: the making-of feature is actually really interesting, and clued me in on some cultural aspects I wouldn't have picked up otherwise. Definitely enhances the movie. Check it out.

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Team Fortress, health care, and Highlander

* Good read: 'Analysis: you have no idea what health care costs.'
* Multiplexer, on health care as a basic human right.
* Interesting: the White House deal with pharmaceutical companies comes under fire.
* Marc Lynch on the Afghanistan 'strategic review' leak.
* The legacy of apartheid haunts education in South Africa.
* Heh. The right's zeal to hit ACORN may have some unintended consequences.
* As franchises rule Hollywood, heads turn towards a Highlander reboot.
* Good read for gamers: "The Team Fortress Experiment (and Why it Succeeded)"