September 12th, 2009


In Theaters: District 9

I used to go to the movies all the time. Like, weekly. As money grew tighter, that number dwindled. I still like seeing things on the big screen, but can't justify the expense as often. So when new movies come out, M. and I discuss if they're worth seeing in theaters, or if they can wait until DVD. Hence why my docket is now heavily populated with action movies and kids fare, with the occasional 'visual treats.'

When time was unexpectedly made available earlier this week, we seized the opportunity and made an exception for District 9, and man, very glad we did. The movie was excellent cinema. The trailers are a bit misleading, it's not the action flick that they make it look like. It is, however, excellent scifi, in that it uses the scifi as a setting to tell an interesting story. And Peter Jackson the director draws you in quickly and doesn't let up for the whole movie. Great stuff, highly recommended for the big screen.

New trailers:
* The Fourth Kind - Alien abduction as horror, with the 'no, really, it's based on a true story' angle. Ehn.
* Law Abiding Citizen - Gerard Butler revenge opus. Ehn.
* Legion - Fighting angels with shotguns. This is more my alley. In that it looks terrible, yet awesome. (Bonus: Paul Bettany.)
* Saw VI - The jist of the trailer: if you liked the first five, hey, here's another one.
* Zombieland - I had my reservations before (*cough*Woody Harrelson*cough*), but I think I'm on board now.


Personal space, health care, and South Carolina

"Any critic who still questions the need for health care reform or rails against a 'government takeover' of health care should look at the latest Census Bureau estimates of the number of people without health insurance in this country - and the number who have avoided disaster precisely because of government help."

* Excellent photogallery by Michael Yon of a mission in the Helmand province.
* Good read: Glen Greenwald on the upcoming 'preventative detention' debate.
* Reasons we need health care reform: insurance companies can list domestic violence as a 'pre-existing condition.' (Courtesy asimplelife.)
* Today's best headline: "What's the matter with South Carolina?" (More from Slate here.)
* Tom Tomorrow on the loyal opposition.
* Interesting: Thatcher avidly opposed the unification of Germany.
* Researching the concept of personal space.

Space Jerk

an architect, previous to His career as a prophet

A thought occurred to me on the ride home on the Metro, surrounded by right-wing types with signs advocating secession and revolution and accusations of socialism and the like...

Shouldn't the Christian evangelicals be all over the health care reforms? I mean, it's about helping out the sick and the poor, which Jesus was pretty big on.

Not trying to be a space jerk on this, it just struck me, and I'm actually a little curious.