September 11th, 2009


NASA, squids, and fall TV

"We like to pretend that our system of government is more polite and more decorous than all the rest in the world but we are just fooling ourselves. Much in the same way that we live in denial about the long-lasting failures of our leaders to address long-term problems (health care, Social Security insolvency, global warming, energy independence, etc.) we live in denial about — and tolerate — an astonishing level of phoniness and mean-spiritedness in the political discourse over such matters."

* On Obama's embrace of tort reform to save health care.
* Examining Mohamed Atta's thesis on one neighborhood in Cairo.
* The British government apologizes for the persecution of Alan Turing.
* MD news: PG county makes things tough for adult shops.
* "I'll be honest: I don't know what the future of NASA is right now. Worse? NASA doesn't know either."
* Today's headline: "Brain Scientists Misled By Squid"
* Yeesh. The Mint announces 56 new quarters, commemorating national parks.
* Most excellent: the AVClub looks at what they got wrong from their previous fall TV predictions. And yes, they make new predictions.