September 10th, 2009

What the hell?!

Walt Disney, fighting Nazis in South America

"Near the end of the 1930s, the Nazis were making inroads in Latin America. To quell that momentum, President Roosevelt named Nelson Rockefeller head of a special agency - a veritable international chamber of commerce and cultural exchange agency - that sent various Hollywood celebrities to visit these countries to, in effect, win the hearts and minds of the people. Hollywood was even asked to include Latin American themes in its movies to bolster good will. One such celebrity ambassador was Walt Disney, who traveled the area during the late summer of 1941. Disney saw the trip as an opportunity to look for 'new songs, dances, plots and personalities for our cartoons.'"


Health care, remakes, and Norwegians

And now Rep. Joe Wilson is a household name. But, thanks to him, everyone knows that the illegal immigrant angle is bunk. Good work! Plus, more on the Republican reactions from BAGnewsNotes. I don't recall the Democrats doing anything this bad to Bush, even at the height of the Iraq invasion. Will this derail the debate again?

* Why health care reform wasn't killed, and where we're at now. Also, one radical solution. (Courtesy lemonruss.)
* State gambling revenues drop. There goes the golden egg. Have se reached the saturation point?
* Hey, what about those deficits?
* Maybe some good news from Afghanistan?
* Why liberals should push for a DC gay marriage vote.
* IKEA goes viral.
* Ugh. Hollywood is hooked on remakes.
* Today's bonus: Norwegian spies.