September 5th, 2009


Netflixin': Battlestar Galactica: Caprica

We sat down to watch the pilot movie for the new BSG show Caprica before our vacation. Interesting stuff. Set in the same universe, they're clearly going in a different direction, less action and more drama. Sets up some creative challenges and pieces together some of the mythology we've been missing, and pulls it all together in a tight package. Recommended! I'll be tuning in for the new show come January. (Bonus: Trixie from Deadwood.)

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Stevens, firefighters, and India

* White House sets new policy to release all visitor logs
* Interesting: is Justice Stevens planning to retire?
* Droughts in India highlight those left behind by the country's economic revolution.
* Fighting against the spread of extremism in Africa.
* As the health care and economic crises worsen, firefighters increasingly called upon to handle more medical emergencies.
* "Why do news networks cover presidential addresses?"
* Heh. LGF on the uproar over Obama addressing schoolkids.
* Coldest case: an unsolved murder in New York, 400 years ago.