September 4th, 2009


more alternate WWII goodness

Still running behind on these things, but, snuck in some gaming last night. Our combined German force duked it out in the ruins of a small village against the Americans (and their Tesla-powered armor) and the Soviets(with their psychics and their half-chimps) Things looked grim at first. My Hell-hounds ran up, did their freaky howl trick once, and got blasted back to Hell by a powered suit for their trouble. An attrition war from building to building costs us dearly; we gave as good as we got, but the SS does not have the numbers to win at that game. The flank I was trying to hold was in fact about to hold when one of the Tesla-powered armor suits got too close, allowing my Vril-enhanced super Nazi brute to charge out of cover and annihilate it. Once the dust settled, the Germans prevailed, by literally a single victory point. Egads!


Glen Beck, health care lies, and comic books

"To post this video and then dismiss Beck's narrative as simply bizarre is to completely miss the point. Non-sense and anti-intellectualism form the crux of what Beck is about. What you can bank on is a delusional form of argumentation and case-making where simple and highly repetitive hate- and scare-mongering is couched around a (indecipherable) internal logic that, by virtue of Beck's conviction, convinces those susceptible that he knows exactly what he's talking about. It's textbook paranoia."

* Good read: the five biggest lies in the health care debate.
* Marc Lynch on the Syria-Iraq crisis.
* More Israeli obstruction over the settlements.
* Teaching personal finance in school. (I wish I had had that.)
* Scientists identify antibodies that prevents AIDS from multiplying in the body.
* More on Disney-Marvel: breaking it out division by division, and why it makes sense.
* Always a good read, ICv2 interviews DC Comics CEO Paul Levitz.
* "It would be a mistake to dismiss cartoonist R. Sikoryak's highly stylized mashups of comics and classic literature as mere parody."