September 2nd, 2009

What the hell?!

commuting, observed

As noted previously, I'm walking to the Metro at early o'clock, when all the wildlife is about as well. Normally, bunnies are spotted every other day or so, with deer making an occasional appearance. Fall dropped in this week (my favorite season) and wow. Today, turned on to the field on Strathmore, and there was a big ol' deer, full antlers and all, right on the bike path. He bolted, and was followed by a huge family of deer. At least two other adults, and maybe five baby deer, less than fifty yards away. It was crazy. Made the two big fat bunnies who didn't run far at all seem boring by comparison.


A new Church Committee, mutations, and hidden music

* Reviving the fight for civil rights.
* "Hayes argues that it is time for another Church Committee to investigate the excesses of the Bush Administration."
* McCain denies giving approval for CIA torture. Also, he says it was, in fact, torture.
* Meet the people who want the economy to fail again.
* Reading about Ted Kennedy's attempts to reform health care - in 1972.
* 'Designing a global climate-alert system.'
* Scientists now think we each have at least 100 mutations in our DNA.
* Whoah. Uncovering coded music hidden in a 16th century wood carving. (Courtesy thewronghands.)
* Academy to use preferential voting system to determine best picture winner.


"There are three flowers in a vase. The third flower is green."

Attention Dollhouse fans: the new season is almost here, and you have homework. Hit Netflix stat, and go to the entry for season one (here.) Add disc four, right now. It contains the unaired, thirteenth episode from the end of season one, "Epitaph One." I knew it was something different, and wow. Seriously crazily awesome. As in almost game-changing.

As an added bonus, it contains the unaired pilot episode. Which is a compressed version of a lot of other episode bits, worth watching, but clearly there to sell the show. As always, though, there's clues in what they show you.

But. That thirteenth. Yeah.