September 1st, 2009


I'm trying not to repost every Greenwald article, really

"What they do and how they think matters. They're the filters through which the citizenry hears about and understands the actions of the government. They can illuminate or deceive, disrupt or enable wrongdoing by the powerful, refute or amplify propaganda, expand or narrow the scope of accepted ideas. They play a major role in whether we start wars, torture people, live under lawless leaders, maintain massive wealth disparities, allow a tiny group of corporations to own and control government. They constantly go on TV. Their claims are aired to millions. They're given access to the most powerful people. They're the public face and voice of the largest and most powerful corporations in the world. They're paid a lot of money.

"It's every bit as legitimate - and as vital - to hold them accountable as it is political officials themselves. Far more than they are 'outsiders,' they are now appendages of - spokespeople for - the political and financial establishment itself, as much as a Cabinet Secretary or White House Chief of Staff or an official in a large corporation. I don't see 'political officials' and 'establishment journalists' as two separate groups; I view them as merged, with the latter being important facilitators of (servants to) the former (which is why they're able so easily to switch from one to the other). That's why I write as much as I do about media behavior. What I learned from the very first political controversy on which I worked intensely as a blogger (the warrantless eavesdropping scandal) - when establishment pundits (including Klein) rushed forward virtually in unison to insist that Bush had done nothing wrong by breaking the law - media behavior can't be extricated from any issue. It shapes and determines all of them."