August 27th, 2009


Netflixin': Race to Witch Mountain

(Full disclosure: I love the Rock.)

M., Z., and I caught Race to Witch Mountain on OnDemand the other night. It's a fun family adventure flick, not overly deep or complex, but with a fair amount of suspense and comedy. They never quite let the Rock cut loose and, you know, be himself, but he still brings a lot to the role given the material he has to work with. The kids do a good job as well. Check it out, but don't set the expectations too high.

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Environmental collapse, EVE Online, and planetary weirdness

"Something progressives sometimes fail to bring up, however, in countering the 'death panel' meme - at least, when it comes to the V.A. and veterans counseling - is the larger hypocrisy at play. In other words, what Rove and the wingnuts are doing is playing politics on the backs of the thousands of often severely mentally and physically disabled veterans they - especially Rove, as the architect behind the selling of the Iraq War - unnecessarily put in harms way in the first place."

* Good read: "Has climate change hijacked the wider environmental agenda?"
* "One of the youngest detainees held at the US detention centre in Guantanamo Bay will sue the United States."
* Great read: David Von Drehle with a different look at Ted Kennedy's legacy. Also, Karen Tumulty on Kennedy's success as the ultimate pragmatist. And remembering his fight for civil rights.
* Canada forces Facebook to improve its privacy policy.
* Swing low: "Scientists have discovered a planet that shouldn't exist."
* Reflection: EVE Online hit by financial crisis. (Courtesy warmaster.)
* Interesting new projects from Warren Ellis.