August 26th, 2009


More Greenwald

"There's little question that when people look back at this period in American history, it will be difficult to comprehend what happened in the Bush era - and especially how we blithely started a devastating war over complete fiction, while simultaneously instituting a criminal torture regime and breaking whatever laws we wanted. But far more remarkable still will be the fact that, other than a handful of low-level sacrificial lambs, those responsible - both in politics and the establishment media - not only suffered no consequences, but continued to wield exactly the same power, with exactly the same level of pompous self-regard, as they did before all of that happened. Looking back several decades or more from now, who will possibly be able to understand how that happened: the almost perfect inverse relationship between one's culpability and the price they paid for what they unleashed?"


Bees, jail, and the late Sen. Kennedy

* New clues on the massive bee depopulation.
* Embarrassing: US students still behind in science and math compared to other countries.
* Remember those fine citizens showing up at the Obama rally with firearms? LGF tracks down more info on two of the groups, 4409 and the Viper Militia.
* The right wing's misuse of Thomas Paine.
* Are hackers an emerging threat to the oil industry?
* Why Abercrombie & Fitch is suffering more than other companies.
* Good read: what to expect when you're going to jail.
* DC Comics' Unknown Soldier goes to Uganda.
* Senator Edward Kennedy passed away after a lifetime in politics.