August 24th, 2009


there's a theme

Friday, catching up with someone cool I haven't caught up with in a bit. Relaxing, fun.

Saturday, slow day at work, followed by a raucous affair of a party for 224215152. Rockin' good time! Up all hours. Crashed at a friend's house.

Sunday, sleeping in, then relaxing and more catching up. Got home, ordered delivery with M., caught up on some TV.

Today, Z. arrives shortly. No real commitment, other than a cool friend dropping by.

Tomorrow, much-despised lawn-mowing, but no other real commitments, other than hanging with Z.


more on health care

"...That's why there's such fervent demands for a 'public option; - because it's the only thing that can keep costs low and thus prevent this bill from being nothing more than a glorified bailout of the insurance and drug industries, which is exactly what will happen if 50 million people are forced by law to buy their products with no cost-control mechanism but ample government subsidies. Yet still, the prevailing Beltway narrative continues to be that it's those loser fringe Leftists who are impeding true reform by demanding a 'public option.'"