August 21st, 2009


Terror alerts, nihilists, and killer plants

"The cynics, it turns out, were right. The Bush administration was trying to use terror alerts to boost the president's political fortunes, just as some skeptical journalists suggested. Tom Ridge is now admitting it." (More from Glen Greenwald here.)

* Obama still embraces Bush's policy of preventative detention.
* Trying to parse out the CIA's thought process with "Blackwater hit squads."
* 'The most outrageous lies about global health care.'
* The Explainer, on the size and number of bills in Congress. Good read!
* Joe Klein: "The GOP has become a party of nihilists."
* "...The sad truth is that Americans are lonelier than ever."
* Today's best headline: "Giant Plant Eats Rodents"
* presents the top twenty horror movies of the past twenty years.