August 14th, 2009


catching up, and impending trip

So, yes. Week has been flying by. We're running around getting ready for a trip to visit with M.'s family in the other part of VA. Leaving tonight, gone through Tuesday. Little to no internet time, but I will try to sneak on when I can. Will present many amusing Z. stories upon my return as well.

Oh, and the day after I get back? Jury duty. Classic.

I did take time off from said running around for the summer work party yesterday evening. Glad I gave it a go, as a grand time was to be had. Much hanging out with oontzgrrl, which is a good thing.

Speaking of last night, way to kick off a football season, Ravens. Now, please do so again when it counts. And while I don't put too much of a personal amount of caring into football (I mean, I like to pick on the Redskins, but that's because I like the Ravens,) I now have a reason to dislike the Eagles. I mean, other than the Philly thing.

While I'm catching up, I keep forgetting to discuss the AE-WWII game I got to play the other week. Luckily my opponent did a big write-up here. Needless to say, it was big fun. Will certainly be planning more gaming after we return from the trip (and after I catch up with a some choice people.) Including, maybe, finally, some... zombies?


last big newsdump until after vacation

* The economy may be bottoming out, but where are the jobs?
* Domestic spying and you: the wrong advice on national security.
* Graffiti and skateboards: unruly youth in Iran.
* New upheaval brewing in the former Soviet Union.
* Turns out religious law isn't working out too well in Nigeria.
* Tom Colicchio speaks out on combating hunger.
* Bryan Singer signs for a Galactica movie, and McQuarrie signs for a Wolverine sequel.
* "Biggest fiasco": the Spider-man musical isn't ending well.