August 7th, 2009


Netflixin': Snow White: A Tale of Terror

M. and I watched this flick the other night. It definitely leans closer to the original fairy tale as opposed to the Disney version; M. pointed out a lot of details there for me. However, as a movie, it's kind of bland. Like Sam Neill bland. Sigourney Weaver does an excellent job, actually, bringing a lot more to the wicked stepmother role than I expected. But the film never really delivers on the 'tale of terror' part of the title, and doesn't give her performance the right stage. Its made-for-TV roots shine through in a couple places. It's funny how you never notice lighting in a movie until you hit on an example where it's not quite done well. Anyways. Amusing fare for mature fairy tale fans, but don't expect much.

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Crows, Haarp, and Africa

* Good read: maybe Africa isn't as bad off as we think.
* on the real problem of the influence of smaller states on Congress.
* "The inventor of the Segway scooter sets his sites on a new problem: delivering electricity and clean water to the world's poorest."
* Greta Christina on theory vs. practice of abstinence as birth control. Good read.
* Economic crisis: college sports face the budget axe.
* Whoah. Crazy bridge next to the Hoover Dam.
* Holy crap: crows get water displacement.
* I may have written about this before, but: conspiracy theorists, how about energizing the ionosphere in Alaska? (Fun read for science fans.)
* Writer and director John Hughes passed away.